Mix & Match 10ml Nasty Juice 5x Bottles


  • Choose from 5 different flavours
  • VG: 70% | PG: 30%
  • Bottle Size: 10ml each
  • 0mg, 3mg & 6mg Nicotine Strength
  • Made in Malaysia


We all love the 10ml nasty juice premixed with nicotine! So we decided that you can mix and match all the flavours as you like 5 different flavours of 10ml. Thats a total of 50ml worth of mixed and matched nasty juice.

The flavours range from;

Trap Queen
This e-liquid has a powerful strawberry flavour, which is sweet, smooth and very distinct. The addition of low mint creates a cooling sensation with each inhale and exhale, whilst balancing the overall sweetness.

Green Ape
This e-liquid has an intense green apple flavour throughout, hence the name! Subtle hints of bubblegum feature on inhale, whilst a wave of menthol characterises the exhale thanks to the low mint flavour. Overall, this is a sweet and icy e-juice.

Crush Man
This e-liquid will hit you with a wave of tropical mango flavour, creating a sweet and sugary inhale with a slightly tart aftertaste. The addition of the low mint creates a menthol twist to balance things out on exhale.

Fat Boy
This e-liquid features the sweet notes of ripe mangoes combined with fresh mint leaves to create a cooling sensation with every inhale and exhale alike.

Devil Teeth
This e-liquid has a prominent honeydew melon flavour, which is present throughout. The rich and fruity flavour is not overly sweet, but rather creates a fresh and clean vape.

ASAP Grape
This e-liquid by Nasty Juice is a fruity mix with a cool kick. Ripe and juicy notes of black grapes get things started on inhale, combined with sweet mixed berries and a low mint flavour, to create an icy inhale and exhale alike.

Wicked Haze
This e-liquid has a strong blackcurrant flavour which is present throughout, combined with tangy notes of lemonade and low mint which serves to sweeten the berry taste. This creates a smooth and full-bodied blend, with a cooling inhale and exhale. Wicked haze may be the smoothest flavour you’ve tasted.

Slow Blow
This e-liquid by Nasty Juice has a taste that plays between sweet and sour from the first vape. On inhale, ripe notes of pineapple get things started, which is complemented by a tangy after bite thanks to the lime soda flavour on exhale. Enjoy this Slow Blow Treat.

Bad Blood
This e-liquid by Nasty Juice has a sweet and cool taste throughout. On inhale, rich and juicy notes of blackcurrant are followed by a low mint flavour to create a cooling sensation on exhale.


Nasty Juice is a Malaysian e-liquid company that has established a worldwide presence since 2016. Featuring a variety of exotic and fruity flavours with a low mint twist, their original range creates a fresh and clean vape.

VG/PG Ratio

All Nasty Juice Flavours e-liquid are 70% VG and 30% PG.

  • High VG Liquids will give you a smoother feeling when inhaled also ideal for cloud chaser as high VG makes more clouds.
  • High PG liquids will produce less vapour smoke and more of a throat hit.

Understanding VG PG Guide Lines

Nicotine Strength

Nasty Juice 10ml bottles are TPD Compliant, therefore they come in the following Nicotine Strengths premixed;

  • 0 MG
  • 3 MG
  • 6 MG.

Please shake the product together thoroughly and each time you use.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Bottle Size

10ml, 5 x 10ml


Nasty Juice


Green Apple, Black Grapes, Blackcurrant, Bubblegum, Honeydew, Lemonade, Lime, Mango, Melon, Mint, Mixed Berries, Pineapple, Soda, Strawberry, Sweet, Tropical

PG/VG Ratio

VG: 70% | PG: 30%


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