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Battery Specification

  • Battery Size: 18650 Battery
  • Nominal Voltage : 3.65V
  • Nominal Capacity : 2500mAh – 3000mAh
  • Charging Metod : CC/CV 4.20CV ±0.05V
  • Discharge Voltage : 2.50V (Average Cut Off)
  • Charging Current CC : 1250mA , 135min
  • Rapid Charging Current : 4000mA , 55min
  • Continuous Discharge Current : 20A
  • Max.Pulse Discharge : 35A
  • Battery rate : 12C
  • Weight : 45gr.max
  • Colour : Green
  • Version : Flat
  • Protection Circuit Board / PCB  : No / Unprotected
  • Type : Rechargeable , INR , IMR , High Drain

We send our 18650 Battery in a durable protective cardboard packages.

Lithium Battery Safety, Storage and Disposal Warning

Please read and understand the dangers associated with Lithium Ion Batteries as they can be very dangerous if used improperly.

  • Always use a battery charger which is rated for Li-ion Cells.
  • When charging Lithium-ion batteries they should never be left unattended.
  • Please note all Lithium-ion batteries have a life cycle and should be replaced every two years.
  • Never expose Lithium-ion batteries to extreme temperatures.
  • Never fully discharge batteries.
  • Always keep Lithium-Ion batterie secure and not loose.
  • If you find your battery has a broken PVC wrap, do not continue to use.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Efest, Samsung


25R, 30Q


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