Vimo by Amazonia CBD 30ml


  • Blackcurrant & Raspberry Infused with CBD
  • Bottle Size: 30ml Juice
  • 5 CBD Strengths
  • Best CBD Blend
  • Made in United Kingdom



CBD Strength Available

1000mg | 1500mg | 2000mg | 2500mg | 3000mg

Vimo by Amazonia CBD is probably one of the best flavours from the Amazonia e-liquid range to be infused with CBD.


Amazonia has been one of the best manufactures of vape juice. Making sure they stick to high quality ingredients to ensure their vape customers get the best juice. With guarantee satisfaction as soon as that liquid hits your lips. They have so much variety from 10ml to 100ml, disposable pods and nicotine salts. Its easy to say that these guys are hit the market hard as they are blowing up and they have such a huge following. The question is have you tired their juice? I’m once you try it you’ll be hooked on just like everyone else.

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CBD Strength

Vimo by Amazonia CBD 30ml Juice is available in 5 CBD Strengths.

  • 1000mg – £16.00
  • 1500mg  – £19.00
  • 2000mg – £22.00
  • 2500mg – £25.00
  • 3000mg – £28.00

Vape the best CBD E-Liquids

Vaping E-Liquids is often the most affordable and convenient option for the majority of ex-smokers, but vaping CBD is actually the most effective way to administer CBD as it is absorbed so rapidly into the lungs and your blood stream. CBD oil must be held under the tongue for 2 minutes to achieve maximum absorption, vaping CBD is absorbed instantly and has the same bioavailability as oil of 45%.

Do I need a new device to vape CBD?

CBD e-liquids are even thinner than standard 50 VG : 50 PG e-liquids so suited to vape pens or pod devices. These devices are relatively low cost and having a device dedicated to CBD allows much more freedom and versatility. If you wish to add CBD to your existing device then you must use an additive.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Amount of Juice



Amazonia E-Liquids


CBD, Blackcurrant, Raspberry


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