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Vape Pen by Lost Temple

The Vape Pen by Lost Temple is a new style device with Pre-filled 600 Puff Pods. Get yourself a Vape Pen Starter Kit with 1 Pre-filled pod included.

Get your favourite vape pen starter kit and puff away. Once the pods run out grab yourself a new Pod from the pod pack and you’re ready to puff away.

This Vape Pen allows you to have the flexibility to use this device easily without the hassle of messy coil changes or getting liquids on your hands while trying to fill it up.

The device is rechargeable and the pods are replaceable. Pod Pack are sold with 4 x Pre-filled Pods. Popular Flavours include: Fresh Mint, Fizzy Cherry, Mr Blue & Grape Ice.

Vape Pen by Lost Temple

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Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £6.50.
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