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12 Amazing Big Drip 100ml Flavour to choose from! This vape juice is something else. Flavours Like Lemon Cake, Berry Chew, Raspberry Mojito, Tropical Fruits & More!

Big Drip is created by the renowned UK e-liquid connoisseurs, Doozy Vape Co. Focusing on distinct fruity flavours. Doozy Vape Co is proud to be one of the UK’s finest purveyors of vape juices.

Doozy Vape Co was Established in 2015 and defined by a genuine passion for vaping. Doozy has grown to be one of the world’s most distinctive vape brands, specialising in high quality juices in a unique variety of flavours, and with none of the icky ingredients found in lesser quality liquids.

The product of choice for connoisseurs and novices alike, the Doozy portfolio has a flavour for every vaper.

Hulme Vapes has a wide selection of vaping e-liquids, disposable pods, e-liquid short fills and vape products, click here to see the rest of our product ranges.

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