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Twelve Monkeys Discovery, Intelligence, Triumph and Infinity Collection lines are designed for the flavour chaser in mind. Delicious, complex flavour profiles with mouthwatering taste! Dense vapour production is produced with VG/PG ratios ranging from 70VG to 90VG. Experience this award winning collection of flavours. Vaping has evolved. Have you?

This is jungle juice of the highest order! A Canadian brand, you could say that Twelve Monkeys is more concrete jungle than the Congo but hey! We love the jungle/monkey theming and the range offers premium quality, great flavours and surprisingly decent price tags. Using the quality ingredients and striking the perfect balance between artisanal production techniques and cost, 12 Monkeys flavours are extensively user-tested before making the range. The juice is pre-steeped for two weeks prior to bottling and the flavours are consistent as a result.

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