Wonutz is the latest range from e-juice specialists SVC Labs is designed to delight the taste buds of all doughnut lovers.
Wonutz features a range of delicious takes on the traditional donut flavour, from Strawberry Vanilla Glazed with its strawberry and forest fruit jam with whipped cream to cinnamon based flavours such as Cinnamon Swirl Glazed, with its cinnamon butter base, and Apple Strudel Glazed, which pairs cinnamon with baked apple and vanilla custard.
The range also features some more unusual donut flavours, such as Coffee Caramel Glazed, which combines the rich aroma of coffee with caramel, vanilla and chocolate and Biscuit Custard Glazed, which blends the taste of rich biscuit with with creamy vanilla custard and crunchy brown sugar glaze.

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